<h1> Hello </h1>
<h2> My name is Jen Saxena </h2>

iAmA() {
Front-End Web Developer &&
Artist and Designer === " true "


{ About Me } Art-Design-Development

<p> I am a Toronto-based developer with a strong entrepreneurial background, excellent communication skills and a love for the creative and problem-solving aspects of coding. </p>

<p> If you would like to find out more, please{ contact me }! </p>


  • <li> Juno College of Technology </li>
  • <li> Web Development </li>
  • <li> 2017 </li>
  • <li> Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology </li>
  • <li> Independent Illustration </li>
  • <li> 2011 </li>
  • <li> Eastern Michigan University </li>
  • <li> Bachelor of Fine Arts cum laude </li>
  • <li> 2005 </li>

<p> From old and faithful to shiny and new, these are a few of my favourite things: </p>

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